Marriage Prep

Are you considering marriage?  God bless you, this is a very exciting time for you and your family!

Marriage is a very important sacrament to Catholics.  You must meet with a Priest to discuss your marriage 6 months ahead.  Call the office to schedule an appointment.

The following forms and instructions are issued from the Diocese of Birmingham.  They give us guidance for the sacrament of marriage.  If you would like to use a fillable form, one is located on the Diocesan website and a link is provided below.

Freedom to Marry Affidavit or Questionnaire

Request for Rescript of Permission or Dispensation for Marriage

New State Marriage Law and Diocesan Marriage Procedures

Diocese of Birmingham Pre-Nuptial Investigation Form

Diocesan Marriage Policy  (This format looks strange on the computer, but will print a nice pamphlet)

Diocesan Chancellor's website:  https://bhmdiocese.org/chancellor