Mass, Prayer, Reconciliation

Sunday Masses (in the Church)
Saturday: 5:00pm
Saturday: 6:30pm (Spanish)
Sunday: 8:30am, 10:30am

Daily Masses (in the Chapel)
Tuesday: 5:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am
Thursday: 8:30am
Friday: 8:30am

Adoration (in the Chapel)
Friday 9am to 1pm

Reconciliation (in the Church Confessional)
Saturday 4pm to 4:30pm

Rosary - 30 minutes before Mass


April Server Schedule

Join us for Mother’s Day!  The Knights of Columbus are hosting a free Mother’s Day breakfast at 9:30am on Sunday, May 12th, for mothers and their families.

Welcome to Janis Beasley and Trevor Erberich who were confirmed and had 1st communion at the 5pm Mass on Saturday Apr 9th.

Welcome to those who had 1st Communion at the 6pm and 10:30am Masses.

Congratulations to the 11 people who were baptized, confirmed, and had 1st communion at the Easter Vigil.  They are now in full communion with the Catholic church. Please keep them in your prayers.

  • Gabriella Armenta
  • Liliana Armenta
  • Alexander Contreras
  • Angel Jr. Martinez,
  • Jocelyn Martinez
  • Mario Martinez
  • Evelyn Torres
  • Vicente Torres
  • Alora Davis
  • Colton Ricketts
  • Ysa Ricketts       

May Crowning is May 1 at 8:30 Mass. All children (K through 8th Grade) are welcome to participate in the May Crowning.  Children will be part of the procession with Father Tom and then will place a flower in the basket by Mary. You are welcome to bring flowers from home.  We will also have flowers available for all.

Saint Paul would like to thank the following parishioners for making the Easter Masses a success: Choir Members, Decorating Committee Members, Altar Servers, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers, Ushers, and all Saint Paul Parish Family Members.

St. Paul nursery is a great place for children to start their spiritual journey.  In the nursery, children play, listen to bible stories, and learn to sing bible songs.  Children are never too young to learn the love of God.  We encourage ALL parents who have children under the age of 5 to please drop their children off at the St. Paul nursery before the 10:30am mass.  The nursery is located in the back of the Hall in a safe and fun environment.  Infants and toddlers are welcome!

Join us in the Parish Hall on Sundays.

  • At 9:30am, we have a full breakfast on select Sundays and donuts and coffee the other days.
  • After the 10:30am Mass, we have some breakfast items for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to volunteer to help chaperone and clean the hall afterwards, please see the sign up sheet in the vestibule.

The Chapel is open Monday through Friday 9am - 1pm with Adoration on Friday.

If you would like to have Mass said in memory of or in honor of a loved one or a special intention, please call the office as early as possible.  Scheduling one month prior is best for availability.

If you would like to provide flowers in memory or honor of a loved one or for a special occasion, please contact the office or Jayne Higginbotham at 256-206-0266.

Adult Faith Enrichment Activities

RCIA:  If you are not Catholic and are interested in learning about the Catholic faith, this program is for you.  It is also for all Catholic adults who are not yet Confirmed.  Classes began September 13, but it's not too late to get started.  For more information, contact Pam McCue at 256-603-8624 or rcia@stpaulathens.org or call the church office at 256-232-4191.

Join us for our evening contemplative prayer group, H.O.P.E at the Well, every Thursday at 6:00 PM in the Chapel.


Mission Statement

We, the Christian community of St. Paul, are committed to serving the Lord and His people through witnessing and stewardship of time, talent and treasure, and, rooted in the Word and Tradition, are focused on encountering Him in the Breaking of the Bread.


Saint Paul Church is the house of our Heavenly Father, a place of solace and grace, so please feel at home here. Whether you are a registered parishioner, new to our community, or a visitor--WELCOME!

Contact St. Paul Catholic Church

1900 US Highway 72 West, Athens AL, 35611

Office Phone: 256-232-4191

Email: secretary@stpaulathens.org

Emergency: 256-278-5234, 256-420-2296

Office Hours

The office is open Mon from 10am to 3pm and Tues through Fri from 9am to 3pm.


Parish App

Get the St. Paul Parish app to help keep informed and connected!  It can be installed on your smartphone to be accessible wherever you go.

It is free and easy to subscribe.  Click here for details.

Worship Aids

Our parish has purchased a subscription to FORMED.org, an incredible online gateway to Catholic material all in one place.  Enjoy a Bible study, MP3s, books, and movies.  Click here for the St. Paul link to register for FORMED. Alternatively, you may register at the website formed.org using the St. Paul access code NKBQBB.

Daily inspirational and devotional text messages are available for free signup. The messages are entitled '30 seconds with Jesus' and are sent once per day. To subscribe, start a new text message to 844-948-2009. In the message line type 30seconds. There is no space or period when entering 30seconds. You should receive a response if done correctly.

Help Needed!

St. Paul always needs nursery workers for our 10:30 AM Mass.  Please consider giving of your talents by helping with our little ones.  Please call Dana Wolfe 251-978-6759, if you have any questions.

If you are willing to consider being an usher, lector, or extraordinary minister, please contact the office.

From the Diocese


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