Pre-K 4

The Pre-K 4 class is designed to foster social and spiritual growth, as well as provide a solid academic foundation based on standards-based curriculum. The preschool will register students on August 21 at 6 PM in the Parish Hall. St. Paul members will receive a 25% discount on registration fees and a 10% discount on monthly tuition, while Limestone County residents will enjoy a 25% discount on the registration fee. For those interested in enrolling their child, the application for enrollment can be obtained from the St. Paul Church Office, St. Paul Church Vestibule, or by contacting Dana Wolfe, who can also provide the application via email. Mrs. Wolfe can be reached at 251-978-6759 for application questions or enrollment information.  Discounted enrollment fee and student vaccine card (blue card) will be due on August 21 at registration. The first day of “school” will be Tuesday, September 5.